Witness Punk With Avril Lavigne



“Ooh chill out, what you yellin’ for?
Lay back it’s all been done before,
And if you could only let it be, you’ll see”


Yeah, today let’s be the Punk of PunktaGeek.


When it comes to Avril, we think about punk music, loud lyrics and skate boards. With deep concepts of love and heartbreaks, Avril is definitely a rocker.


Avril Lavigne is a singer, songwriter who created some strong punk numbers with guerrilla lyrics. She is a rebel with whom any girl can connect with. Her thoughts and theories about love and its cons are vivid in her music.


With creations based on punk, pop, grunge and alternative rock genres, Avril is a punk-princess when it comes to a female artist.


With the release of her debut album, “Let Go” in 2002, she came into lime light being one of the most popular punk artists.


“Take me by the hand take me somewhere new,
I don’t know who you are but I, I’m with you..”
~I’m With You


This song shows that Avril has “The Softer Side” too. This song has rather calming lyrics that actually infuses hope within you, making you believe and be strong.


One thing that I absolutely adore about Avril is her videos. They are truly exceptional and blend perfectly with the lyrics. The “Let Go” album has some amazing singles like “Complicated“, “Sk8er Boi” that portray Avril as this punk tomboy girl with skateboards and killer attitude. Any rebel teenage girl will find striking similarities with these songs and videos.


“Too bad that you couldn’t see,
See the man the boy could be
There’s more than meets the eye,
I see the soul that is inside…”
~Sk8er Boi


Her next album “Under My Skin” is mainly post grunge genre with lyrics that spoke about her feelings deep within. Her singles convey heartbreak which Avril surely knows how to embrace and then be this rocking girl who knows how to stand up again. With some sublime singles like “My Happy Ending“, “Nobody’s Home“, “Fall To Pieces” etc., this album is quite a delight.
Critics generally categorize punk with funky loud music but she broke the stereotype in some of her songs. One is “Nobody’s Home“.


“She wants to home, but nobody’s home,
It’s where she lies broken inside,
With no place to go, no place to go,
To dry her eyes, broken inside…”
~Nobody’s Home


With her third album “The Best Damn Thing“, it was quite apparent that Avril came to rule. “Girlfriend” was the first Avril track that I came across. It had won many awards worldwide for its funky lyrics and great music. The video characterizes her rebellious persona. This album is my favorite one and has many awe-inspiring tracks like “When You’re Gone“, “Hot” and “Innocence” etc.


“I found a place so safe, not a single tear,
The first time in my life and now it’s so clear,
Feel calm, I belong, I’m so happy here…”


You can almost connect with the lyrics that render trust, faith and that time will come when every puzzle piece will fall into its correct place.


Goodbye Lullaby” is mainly about her never give up perspective about life that she always manages to express through her art of music. “Hello Kitty“, “Here’s To Never Growing Up” are some of the peppy ones from this album.
Her song “Things I’ll Never Say” from the same titled album, is about the mush feelings that a girl hesitates to express.


“I’m staring at my feet,
My cheeks are turning red,
I’m searching for the words in side my head…”
~Things I’ll Never Say


Her last album is self-titled – “Avril Lavigne” and my favorite track from this album is “What The Hell“.


Her music might be loud, her attitude might be strong but Avril tries to implant her message that in spite of life’s tragic stories, you have to stand up tall, and have fun. That’s the part of her songs that I love the most.


Be the Punk with Avril. Be the PunktaGeek.

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