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“Questions of science, science and progress, do not speak as loud as my heart.”
~The Scientist


I am starting my blog with one of my favorite bands,




Whenever I hear any song that has great lyrics with good music, it moves me in some way. Coldplay is such a group or rather a band that has blessed us with such singles that will change your perspective about certain things, about feelings, about emotions, move you to your very core.


If you seek a little peace, if you want to escape from this chaotic world, find yourself some calmness and tranquility, just turn the lights off, shut the doors to the world outside, put your headphones on and listen to Coldplay. It has the power to save you.


It makes me go calm, drains out all the messed up thoughts and trust me it
will “Fix You” too.


With songs that have such beautiful lyrics with genres of Alternative Rock
and Britpop, Coldplay is a band that honestly makes good music.


Even though “The Hardest Part” is to really figure out my favorite Coldplay
track, but “Fix You” is definitely worth talking about.


“Lights will guide you home,
and ignite your bones
and I will try to fix you.”
~Fix You


Such wonderful words speaking of trust and concern and planting a faith that
things can change for good. If you are feeling down and you need to hold yourself
together this is the perfect song to tune to. And if there is someone special who
needs your support and you want to lend them, dedicate this song and see what
happens. And


“If you never try you’ll never know..”
~Fix You


Chris Martin’s voice is amazing and his fingers work magic on the piano. His
voice sounds perfect and quaint either with Rock music or Acoustic. Something
close enough to take you to the realm of placid oblivion.


Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion along with Chris Martin formed
this group which was initially named Pectoralz, later Starfish and finally changed
to Coldplay.


Sometimes, when you lose all control on yourself, when you are in a turmoil of
anger and all cumulative emotions get on your nerves listen to songs like “Clocks“,
See You Soon” and “Yellow“. Delightful lyrics with cordial music, perfect to soothe
your ears.


“Look at the stars,
look how they shine for you,
and all the things you do,
they were all yellow.”


Coldplay won worldwide fame with this song in 2000. Whenever I listen to this single, I find something new about it every time. It stirs up a different perspective altogether. It’s from their debut album “Parachutes“.


Later they released two albums “A Rush Of Blood To The Head” followed by “X & Y” with songs that are timeless.


In 2008 they released their album “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends“. Their style remained same but with a change of finesse in their music and lyrics.


“Now the sky could be blue,
Could be grey,
Without you I’m just miles away..”
~Strawberry Swing


It won the “Best Rock Album” at 2009 Grammy Awards.
The song Viva La Vida from that album meaning “Live The Life” has some strong lyrics, the one that I would love to write about in possibly the most descriptive way.


“I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing,
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing,
be my mirror, my sword, and shield,
my missionaries in a foreign field,
for some reason I can’t explain,
I know Saint Peter will call my name,
never an honest word.
But that was when I ruled the world..”
~Viva la Vida


I simply love their album “Mylo Xyloto” for their flamboyant songs and colorful artworks on album covers and in their videos. Neon colors all over on instruments and live concerts ever so vibrant. That’s the word for this album, “Vibrant“, with awesome singles like “Charlie Brown“, “Paradise“, “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” and more.


Their recent album released this year called “Ghost Stories” have some cool tracks like “Magic” and “A Sky Full Of Stars“.


I intend to write even more about Coldplay or maybe any of their songs but it’s not possible to write everything in one go.


If I ever want to break free from a state of confusion and disorder I trust Coldplay. I always have a great time because their songs are phenomenal and then


“If you were to ask me,
After all that we’ve been through,
Do you believe in magic?
Well yes I do..”


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  1. Shailesh Bothra 07/22/2014 | Reply
    Great band and a great post.... one can feel how you feel about the band and those songs through this article...
    • Ruli Bairagi 07/27/2014 | Reply
      Thank u Shailesh..this band is one of my favourites.
  2. Nirmalya Ghosh 07/25/2014 | Reply
    "Paradise" is the best song I've heard till date. Not only for the wordings but also for the meaning in the video!
    • Ruli Bairagi 07/27/2014 | Reply
      Yes Nirmalya, its a great song with great lyrics..try out the song 'fix you' by Coldplay, u will like the lyrics.

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