“Creative clutter is better than idle neatness”


The little toys that we make from household items for the children, the handmade items we give to our loved ones on special occasions, all these fall in the category of crafts.


Crafts are anything that we create from our ideas and imaginations.


The best thing about crafts is that you can let your ideas flow through your work, your creation. It is like the medium where you can throw in your individuality, your own flair.


A little bit of imagination can stir up the ideas in you and your creativity can come out in the open. There’s always a fear among students when they are asked to do a craft. Why should you fear? Think and implement it. That’s all it takes – a little bit of patience and effort. Creating things in different ways with each one of them being unique in its own way symbolizes crafts.


“She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans” 

 ~Kobi Yamada


Instead of bought gifts, give your friend or loved ones something handmade, that’s way more special. You can always decorate your house with handmade crafts; it will make it more homely.


“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul”

 ~Elder Uchtdorf


Besides you can always create beautiful things from household and used stuffs. That way you can recycle. Take a small but efficient step to protect nature.


“Craft like no one’s watching”


We all have the inherent ability to think and create but we often end up thinking that it might not turn out the way we want it to be. And in thinking so, we lose half the battle.


Our individuality is reflected and our imagination is portrayed in what we create. It is our own creation, unique and exclusive.


Besides, we feel happy about our creations which further stir even more vivid ideas and paves the way for our indulgence and increased attraction towards crafting.


At PunktaGeek we’ll be teaching you some new tricks on how to make some amazing things for any occasion or even just usually.


N.B. Crafts are and should totally be handmade. In a nutshell, DO IT YOURSELF.