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An insight of my favorite band,



“And don’t resent me,
And when you’re feeling empty,
Keep me in your memory,
Leave out all the rest,
Leave out all the rest”
~Leave Out All The Rest


And now you know why Linkin Park stands out from the
rest of the crowd.


With lyrics like these which have an impact on you so powerful that you feel like loosing yourself and submerging into their songs, Linkin Park epitomizes the feeling we have within, in possibly the most articulate manner.
Their voices have an impact so deep, that you don’t feel like keeping yourself away from indulging in it.
Their songs have a grasp on your mind so firm, that you can’t keep yourself away into thinking that Linkin Park is the one band which says it all in the simplest of ways.


Linkin Park and their songs was the foremost reason behind my inclination towards western music. They brought about a renaissance in my idea about music and a revolution in my perception about it. It fuelled my desire to explore the rock genre even more and eventually I am at a stage here where I can talk about my favorite band.


Linkin Park was founded by three school friends – Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson. Later Joe Hahn, Dave Farrell and Mark Wakefield joined the band. But Wakefield left the band and in came Chester Bennington who together with other members catapulted the band into limelight.


Their debut album, “Hybrid Theory” released in 2000 and certified Diamond by the RIAA was a massive commercial success which firmly placed the band among the greats.
Their second album, “Meteora” which featured a mixture of nu metal and rap-core styles instantly earned worldwide recognition.
Their following album in 2007, “Minutes To Midnight” had the third best debut week of any album that year.
They released three more albums – “A Thousand Suns“, “Living Things” and “The Hunting Party”.


Chester has a voice so intense that it leaves a deep imprint in your mind and a voice so powerfully enchanting that you are bound to put Linkin Park on your playlist.
Their lines reverberate exactly what we want to hear. Inspiring and intense, alluring and captivating; their songs ventilate all emotions possible.


“I’m tired of being what you want me to be,
Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface,
Don’t know what you’re expecting of me,
Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes”


My favorite Linkin Park song, these lines move you to the core as you can relate with it; it soothes your soul. You find yourself to be a part of it and you feel nostalgic with a sense of deja vu.
Mike Shinoda’s rap complements Chester’s voice so aptly and the beats spell magic under whose influence you are left spellbound. “Crawling” and “What I’ve Done” are two songs which have a massive impact on you.


“Like memories in cold decay,
Transmissions echoing away,
Far from the world of you and I,
Where oceans bleed into the sky!”
~The Catalyst


Mystifying and mesmerizing is a lethal combination which Linkin Park possesses. “Valentine’s Day“, “Somewhere I Belong“, “New Divide“, “Waiting For The End” are some of the best of Linkin Park.
New Divide” was specifically recorded and released for the movie Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.


Even though their genre is primarily rock, their songs are so melodious that it can put away any other song any day.
Their rap is a refreshing one and fits perfectly in their songs. The music is absolutely everlasting and magnificent and comprehends the lyrics with an undeniable ease. They have a lasting impression and it is so infectious that once you hear a single song of theirs, it becomes irresistible to keep yourself at bay from hearing their other songs.


In The End” is an amazing song which inevitably leaves a profound influence on your mind. When these lines hit you, you get swayed away in it’s tide.


I have far too much to say but I would rather leave it at this because I want to explore more about the band sometime later with an even vivid depiction. The band is far too intriguing to cover in one go.


“Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed”
~ Leave Out All The Rest


Having sold 60 million copies of their songs and winner of two Grammy’s, I can safely say that it is the best band for me.


“I can’t feel the way I did before,
Don’t turn your back on me,
I won’t be ignored”


For a band which is more than meets the eye, Linkin Park.


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  1. Shailesh Bothra 07/22/2014 | Reply
    Indeed... one of my favourite bands... Some may say their music is just heavy metal... noisy or something but actually you can't help but feel somehow attached to the tracks.. and the best part... this band holds true to these lines "Keep me in your memory..... Leave out all the rest"
    • Rahul Kabra 07/22/2014 | Reply
      Thank you Shailesh for your thoughts.. Indeed, the lyrics stick true to what Linkin Park stands for. :)
  2. Nirmalya Ghosh 07/23/2014 | Reply
    Has been following this band since childhood! One of the greatest bands ever. Their loud and amazing "noise" just dispels all the "numb" atmosphere around me every time I hear them!
    • Rahul Kabra 07/24/2014 | Reply
      Thank you Nirmalya.. I totally agree with your words and it's great to hear that you have been following this band since your childhood.. :)
  3. Rahul Chowdhury 07/24/2014 | Reply
    Linkin Park's "Iridescent" is awesome :-)
    • Rahul Kabra 07/24/2014 | Reply
      Surely is, Rahul.. I will definitely write about all the songs that I didn't cover in this article the next time I write an article about Linkin Park.. :)
  4. ReVv 07/25/2014 | Reply
    " LInkin Park " , God of all Rock Bands \m/
    • Rahul Kabra 07/25/2014 | Reply
      I totally agree with you Ravi.. :) No other rock band has an influence this powerful..

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