Mother’s Day – An Ode To Mothers

Mother's Day

The word mother needs no introduction and surely enough, no description in the world is big
enough to confide in the meaning of this word.


Today is 10th May, Mother’s Day for everyone all around the world except me.
For me, everyday is Mother’s Day.
A single day is certainly infinitesimally small to celebrate
mothers all around the world.


On this day and everyday before and after, my mother is my everything.


I want to share a small letter I gave to my mother when I was 11. Here it goes.


You brought me to life.
You endured pain yet you ensured that I didn’t.
You remained hungry yet fed me.
You fought the chilly weather yet made me warm when you held me in your arms.
When I had sleepless nights and the dark surroundings made me frightened, you came to me and banished my fears away.
Your presence gave me the strength and I didn’t get frightened after that.
I knew you were by my side and nothing in the world could harm me anymore.
I was under my mother’s shade and it was the most powerful shield.


You are my rock and my pillar.
You are my greatest strength.
You are my best friend.
You are my teacher.
You are my greatest achievement.
You are my treasure chest.
I am very special because God gave me, you.


Ma, I promise that when I grow up, I will write a book on you.
I will have the world envy me, for I have you and no one else does.


I love you the most Ma. You are the bestest Ma.


This was my letter to my mother.


I am sure that each and every person in this world has written a letter to their mothers at some point of time or the other.


We want to know what you feel for your mother.
We want to know what letters you wrote for
your mother.
We want to express our gratitude to and for mothers all around the world.


Please let us know your wonderful mother and child stories as this will enable us to know more about this awesomely amazing person in our lives – mothers.


Dedicated to you, Ma.

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